Energy Management

with SimbleSense

An out of the box energy analytics solution

empowering you to monitor & control energy

Monitor and control

business energy consumption
with SimbleSense

SimbleSense shows you when, where  and how a business is using energy.

SimbleSense analyses,

controls and automates

energy usage.


Our platform complements your energy efficiency projects with real time data visualisation and control

Visualise Energy

Our platform will give you a clear understanding of how your client uses energy

Control Consumption

SimbleSense control features work behind the scenes to constantly save energy

Cost Effective

Our SaaS model makes energy efficiency projects possible 

without high upfront costs

Point of Difference

Our platform will add another layer to or form the basis of any efficiency project


We turn data into insight

We Capture Energy Data

in real time

Simble has leveraged the power of data to provide a smart analytics platform that pulls energy data from every electricity circuit in a business, in real time.

By going deeper into a business' energy consumption you're able to find previously unknown patterns, predict & demonstrate ROI on projects, manage solar, automate events, control timers and much more 

and send it to the cloud for processing

We give you deeper insight,

as a point of difference,

using real time data,

displayed on a dashboard

SimbleSense CMYK Positive_orange_HORIZ.j

data is then analysed & displayed in our platform

you can visualise & control energy consumption


SimbleSense in action

Download our Product Brochures and Case Studies

How an energy monitoring system can improve energy efficiency in your business

The hardware and software package to help your business reduce energy costs

Case Study - Lighting:

Improving workplace energy efficiency

Case Study - Manufacturing:

Improving production flows and identifying savings  

Case Study - Warehousing:

Using energy data and control to reduce costs

Understand your Carbon Footprint