Connect with your customers and help them connect with their energy 

Offered while-labelled to partners, SimbleConnect will:

  • Drive acquisition and retention

  • Boost customer engagement and add value

  • Enable you to educate and empower your customers 

  • Build deeper relationships and open doors to add further services

  • Generate new revenue streams off the back of delivering energy management technology & services to your market.


What is SimbleConnect?

Low cost and low touch, SimbleConnect is an Energy Customer Management Tool enabling brokers, energy suppliers and other energy managers to connect remotely and regularly to smart meters so they can monitor the energy usage of their customers.

SimbleConnect includes an engaging Energy App, connected via the cloud to home & business energy data. SimbleConnect is customisable, designed to be offered as part of a customer engagement strategy, and will look and feel as if it were your own.

How it works:


Built for energy suppliers, brokers, data collectors, energy consultants and more, SimbleConnect can remotely capture energy data for 1000s of businesses and homes directly from their smart meters.


SimbleConnect builds an energy profile for each customer, creating opportunities for partners to approach their customers with knowledge and advisory services backed by technology & data.


Partners can deliver white labelled energy analytics solutions driven by the profile of each customer

Simble empowers partners with technology to build on-going benefits for their customers and a sustained relationship. 



Why end users love the SimbleConnect App

Proven Results
Proven Results
SimbleConnect enables business to reduce costs and operate more efficiently.
Intuitive, Educational & Engaging
Simble's mobile apps are engaging & beautiful, helping users learn how to take control of their energy use. 
Intuitive, Educational & Engaging
Driver for Change and Efficiencies
Driver for Change and Efficiencies
SimbleConnect offers businesses unexpected visibility and promotes positive behavioral change.