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We are creating a future where energy suppliers use technology and innovative data collection to enhance the lives of their customers and reduce their environmental footprint


The world we're creating for energy suppliers

Growing reputation as trusted energy provider 

Stronger customer


Increased customer engagement & satisfaction

Multiple touch points &

new insights

Low touch strategies to upsell and renew


Bespoke and white labelled Apps.

Let's reimagine your customer experience


Help you customers understand their energy consumption habits


Develop a digital relationship with your customers


Give your customers the extra value they deserve


Educate your customers about their energy usage

Individualised budgeting tools to help users understand how they use energy

Two way communication via your energy supplier dashboard. Send notifications and educational information to the inbox


Engage your customers to interact with energy

Comparison modules and individualised consumption insights provide customer value 

Rewards system adds a gamification element to your relationship with your customers


Empower customers to reduce their environmental footprint

IoT enabled, two-way smart control features empower your customers to make change

Budgeting tools keep customers aware of their energy usage and solar overlay features help them utilise solar smarter 

We're committed to energy savings for your customers 

and are here to help 

you be stickier.