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Data is changing how energy brokers relate to their customers

Use data to increase customer lifetime value 

Verify & Maximise Commission

Drive Acquisition 

& Retention

Build Deeper


Gain Customer


Generate recurring revenues


Turning data into value for your business

Validate Bills

We extract billing data remotely from the cloud so you can verify your commission

Profile Customers

We use data analytics to provide energy insights about your customers

Digitise Offering

Our cloud-based apps capture, process, analyse & display energy data


You can verify bills & commissions from energy suppliers

You may be losing money if you are not verifying your energy bills

Simble uses Robotic Process Automation in partnership with BidEnergy™ to extract billing data so energy brokers can validate their bills


We'll profile your customers based on their energy needs

Broaden the window in which you can speak to customers

We use data analytics to help you understand your customers' energy consumption and give you reason to approach them with further services 


Digitise your relationships

and generate further revenue 

Be the broker of the future and engage customers via an app.

Simble empowers you to unlock value by using data to give customers powerful insights and regular touch points with your business 

We're committed to energy savings for your customers 

and are here to help 

you be stickier.


Data is knowledge.

Knowledge is power.

Capture Energy Data

Engage via App

Visualise Consumption


We give you cutting edge,

revenue generating insights,

for every customer,

on one dashboard

Extract Billing Data

Profile Customer